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One Stop Shop for MRO ( Maintenance Repair and Overhaul ) Range of products,

Since 2004 Newlite Agency has delivered technical expertise as a problem-solving distributor specializing in sealants, adhesives, Aerosols, Lubricants and coatings, as well as various types of specialty chemicals and solvents.
Newlite Agency serves a variety of industries including Industrial, Electrical, Construction, Electronics, Aerospace, transportation, solar, oil & gas, and OEM manufacturers.
In this highly technical field, Newlite chooses to specialize by offering an elite group of product lines that are proven to perform above the rest.
Newlite engages in exclusive product line relationships with premier manufacturers to provide personalized marketing and sales for targeted customer segments


Newlite Agency works with the most premium brand in the MRO industry namely Molykote, Dowsil,OKS, Hylomer, StagB, Bosny, Weicon, Anabond, Belzona, Bostik, Mccoy Soudal, Abro, Induseal, 3M, Strongman, Dowell and host of others.



Every single one of our product lines, large and small, has a product manager ensuring we have alignment on our strategy. As a dedicated partner, we ensure we provide all that is required for our customers in order to achieve their goals.


Many companies talk about innovation and hire a consultant to help. We have a dedicated team whose sole job is to drive change internally. When you're on the forefront of disruption, thinking different is part of our core.


We are a growth oriented company. While we follow the strategy with great commitments, we strongly belive that “Change is the only constant” and we are always looking to build a strong infrastructure for sustained growth.


Our Business model is Pan India with a vision to grow globally, with sales to over 5000 B2B customers and over 2000 B2C customers in more than 23 State and Union territories in India we are poised to grow even further.


We based on our customers purchase patterns, predict, strategies and ascertain standard stock levels of all SKU’s and maintain sufficient stocks of the same in our own warehouses. We have tied up with the leading logistics providers pan India to ensure our deliveries reach our valued customers in Time all the Time.


Our core model allows us to be extremely agile, We have the ability to quickly adapt to the changes in customers purchase patterns and strategies and evolve to ensure our customers have access to the latest innovations in our field of products.




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